High quality security services.

Our company specializes in high quality security services. We are a trusted, reliable partner in all security services and our goal is always a fully satisfied customer.

We operate completely confidentially and commit to the Finnish regulations and laws. Our Company is security company approved by the Board of Directors, Police and other authorities in Finland.

When operating with us, your company can completely focus on business operations - and leave all the security related services for us.

Our core competence is maintaining security and providing security services in public or private spaces and events.

If you need a private event security or large scale security planning and implementation we are the trusted partner for all your needs. We also specialize in risk analysis, security planning and have thorough knowledge of the Finnish security requirements and regulations.

If you need help in security services or you are interested in getting a quote - please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you soon.

CSP City Security Partner Oy | Permission number SMD No/2008/1093 | info@citysecurity.fi